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Welcome to Hog Roast Stalbridge, the home of the finest hog roasts on the Dorset and Somerset border. We are the most established hog roast company around, with an extensive track record of supplying the most beautifully cooked pork and complete catering packages for all occasions in Stalbridge. We have taken hog roast catering to the next level by fusing a traditional cooking method with forward-thinking menus that appeal to modern diners. This winning combination has made us a mobile catering company that can please everyone with our food, and we can produce imaginative catering packages for any large or small event in the area.

Premium dining doesn’t have to mean premium pricing. We might not quite be a Gordon Ramsay or a Jamie Oliver, but we can guarantee that we’ll offer just as much quality to your event without forcing extortionate prices upon you. Get more quality for less with Hog Roast Stalbridge at your event, and save the pennies for another event at another time – where we’ll be more than happy to help again!

Classic Hog Roast Catering With a Modern Twist in Stalbridge

Hog Roast StalbridgeSpit roasting meat slowly for several hours is a cooking technique that has endured through the ages. From medieval banquet halls right through to the modern day, hog roasts have stood the test of time. We have always known the superiority of hog roasting over conventional methods of cooking meat. That is precisely why we made the conscious decision to reintroduce hog roasts to the culinary map in Dorset when we started our company.

We have successfully refined our cooking technique while maintaining the authenticity of our traditional roots. Our innovative approach has revolutionized the outdated method of cooking meat, transforming it into a contemporary catering choice that is suitable for any occasion, from casual to sophisticated, in Stalbridge. We have the most advanced hog roast catering equipment available in our field, which is both robust and reliant enough to prepare a large volume of meat for large-scale events whilst also being compact enough to fit comfortably into any setting.

Our hog roasting success always begins with the quality of our meat, which is something that we take very seriously. We exclusively choose the most reputable UK pork producers who employ only free-range methods. Our expert hog roast chefs cook our premium meat for an extended period, ensuring that it bursts with flavor and succulence. Our hog roasts are never out of place at any event in Stalbridge and neither is our catering team.

Impressive hog menus for any occasion

Hog Roast StalbridgeAfter finding out a bit more about why our hog roasts are so good and how passionate we are about hog roast catering, we’re sure that you are eager to try it for yourself. Rest assured that our menu is perfectly suitable for any event, regardless of the dietary needs of your guests.

We have a vast repertoire of menu items on offer that give you more than enough choices to please all of your guests and provide you with the standard variety of dishes that are suitable for any event. If you would prefer a different meat or an additional meat option, we have plenty to choose from, including beef, chicken, lamb, barbeque dishes, and turkey for festive occasions. We also invest a great deal of effort into devising inventive vegetarian and vegan dishes that our diners who require this option love.

Here at Hog Roast Stalbridge, we are not happy unless everyone enjoys our food and we always go the extra mile to make sure this is the case. Although hog roasts are our specialty. Hog Roast Stalbridge’s creative catering team can produce a wide array of different dishes to an equally high standard and present your food in a modern and appealing manner. What’s more, we make all of our food from scratch on-site. Using superior locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients available in Dorset.

Want to find out more about hog roast?

Hog Roast StalbridgeIf you would like to contact us here at Hog Roast Stalbridge you can either give us a call on the number opposite, send us an email, or fill in our quick and easy online query form on our website. We will get back to you very quickly and spend all the time you need discussing your event catering requirements. We offer a free quote and can customize your menu to your liking. Don’t hesitate and get in touch with Hog Roast Stalbridge today for your catering needs!